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I got a call from DD. MY 8-month-old grandson just climbed out of his crib and fell on his stomach. He isn’t hurt. They lowered the mattress just a few days ago because I found him standing in his crib to be picked up. Pleased as punch.
It is too late to do much other than to cuddle him in their bed for the night.
Mine was older and I put the mattress on the floor after taking out the things that could fall on him or hurt him or honestly keep him up playing at night. I put a baby gate in the doorway.
But he is just 8 months old. Other than duct-taping him to the mattress (Yes that was a joke) LOL any ideas for her. I know there must be a lot of things since I had mine over 30 years ago.
Thank you

So the update is that it is a handmade crib.  SIK called his dad,  Dad said we will just put in lower holes and with luck, it will buy us time until he is a year or more.

So the holed and hardware changed and the mattress is lowered even further and the rails also adjusted.  I am not sure how.  But cross your fingers.

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