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The Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Review For 2019



1.Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster

Chicco KidFit Zip 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat, Eclipse

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  • DuoZone combined head and shoulder side-impact protection with 10 positions for growing children
  • SuperCinch LATCH attachment with one-pull tightener helps keep KidFit in place and kid-ready for easy in/out
  • ErgoBoost double foam padding and contoured seat design provide support in all the right places
  • Zip&Wash extra, zip-off backrest pad and seat pad for easy cleaning, extended durability and fun, mix-and-match styling
  • 2 space-saving cup holders fold away when not in use and are removable for easy cleaning
Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster
Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster
Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster
Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster
Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster

Chicco KidFit Zip 2in1 Booster Seat - Unboxing

Today we’re taking a look at the kidfit zip 2-in-1 belt positioning booster car seat this is a two-in-one belt positioning booster that has some great convenience and great safety features for both parents and kids so let’s take a look now let’s start with the reason why it’s called the kidfit zip as opposed to just the regular kidfit and that is because it has seat pads that zip off for easy machine washing you can swap them out to change the look of the booster seat makes it very very convenient because we know no matter how old the child is they always have a tendency to get messy right which means they’re Kirsty ends up getting very dirty so this one has removable zip off steep ties zip off up here the back room knows this whole back piece moves renews this bottom piece removes there’s a zipper right there and it even has extra padding for the armrests all you have to do is lift up on this part piece and you can remove the black pieces so that you can put on the extra pair in case these are dirty and throw it all into the wash very very convenient so that is why it’s called the kidfit zip now let’s go through some of the safety features cuz I know you’re all interested in that especially when it comes to car seats and I hope you go ahead and zip it back on now another reason that this is really funny so let’s say your child has used the booster now it’s time to pass it on to the other one maybe they don’t want the same looking booster that their brother or sister had you can make it look new by just swapping out the fabric or trim the fabric and just using the black side so that’s a good way to make the track next child think that this booster is just theirs now the safety features first of all it has a dual zone side impact protection with ten different positions and what makes that different than some of the other boosters is the entire headrest and backrest where it covers the shoulders and the head both adjust up and down for your growing child some boosters just have a headrest go up and down which leaves their shoulders exposed so this one has ten different positions to grow with your child so that is the duo’s donut side impact protection so that’s gonna keep your child’s head and shoulders protected it also has vehicle belt guides right here and that’s gonna position the seat belt properly on your child there’s also this booster also has a latch and that’s gonna keep the booster in place when it’s not in use in the car so it doesn’t become a projectile and what’s great about that is it’s easy to snap in and then there is a cinch right here that you pull and that’s gonna cinch the booster into place so there’s no need to sit there and be pulling on back straps so I really really like that a lot now let’s talk about the convenience features for your kids because you know kids like cool things right so it has two cupholders and what’s great about these cupholders is this one both of them can squish in when not in use to save a little bit of room or can pop up there is one on each side and as you can see here this is a little tray cupboard tray and I love the fact that it can go in either cup holder so depending on where the position of the booster is in the car and how much space you have you can put it on either side and kids love this because it’s their own little snack container hidden toy container whatever they it has a lid so it is right there within reach so they’re not trying to grab things on the floor so I really like this piece right here and the kids really liked it too so now when your child gets old enough that you decide that they don’t need the back part of the booster you can’t remove it now all you have to do is put down the back snap it down there’s a piece here lift that out and your whole back we mousse that is gonna leave you with your back this food stir so again this is 440 pounds up to 100 pounds but I definitely recommend waiting until the child’s about 8 or over to use a backless booster because you’d really need the belt the vehicle belt positioners just to keep the belt on your younger child in the right position because those number two when they’re Wiggly so I like the fact that has the vehicle Bell positioner on the back so keep the back line as long as possible or just keep it on cuz it goes to a hundred pounds regardless so there you go that’s my look at the Kiko kit fits if I love that it has those safety features such as this do zone side impact protection that protects their head and their shoulders as they grow I love the super cinch to allow the glass to be tightened without crawling back there and it allows it from becoming a projectile in the car I also love the convenience feature of having this zip off pads because it’s a zip off and wash throw in the washer keeping your car seat clean and the kids they love the fact that there are cup holders and the snack tray and snack treat humans swivels which is pretty fun so there you go let us know what’s your favorite feature about this booster leave us a comment let us know and I will talk to you later