LABOUR & DELIVERY- Survival Guide For Expecting Moms

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LABOUR & DELIVERY- Survival Guide For Expecting Moms

Hello, everyone, I’m here today to share with you guys a very real topic today I wanted to sit down. I want to have some coffee with you guys chat one-on-one and just talk to you guys about the whole process and things that I wish I had known post-labor. I just think I wish I had prepped for tips and tricks things like that so hopefully, you find this helpful.

#1 So let’s get into this so the person we’re gonna start and we’re gonna be really opening on it it’s gonna be labor. I mean you just push out a baby, of course, you’re gonna be sore if you can’t I highly recommend trying to get a couple of those giant pads that they give you at the hospital they gave us these really awesome like liner things for your underwear I took a whole stack of them just to protect my sheets and your clothes and everything because you’re gonna be bleeding, you’re gonna be bleeding for a while actually.

So funny story, I talked to my doctor and I asked how long I’m gonna be bleeding for and I thought she said four to five days no she said 45 days

#2have three easy outfits that are already washed and right beside your bed for when you come home from the hospital, I’m talking like pajamas, don’t go anywhere near any of the clothes that you wore pre-birth – you just delivered a child and you will celebrate in pajamas for the next three months, and I was a little bit aggressive but I really feel strongly about this my personal outfits of choice were a combination of a night dress that I bought from Motherhood Maternity and a pajama set that I bought from Amazon,

My go-to is my rider dies and I would constantly have those in the wash so I’m telling you just something that’s really comfortable that you feel comfortable in and it’s just easy to grab and goes and wash so important

#3– have some sort of a nursing station setup before you go into labor, it is really nice to come back to and sort of just melt into the spot when you’re kind of adjust to this whole like new human living with you whether it’s your bed it’s a comfy chair it’s your couch downstairs wherever it is just make sure it’s like a nice little nook for you where you have a side table a lamp somewhere comfortable to sit somewhere you can put like I don’t know like a laptop or a tablet or something and watching the show is just anything to get you comfortable and get you excited to go into the whole nursing process,  honestly it’s just really nice to have a space that’s your own that you’re comfortable with so when you wake up on week 16 with another 2:00 a.m. wake up for feeding it’s nice to be like excited to go in and like watch an episode with a friend to hang out with your baby

#4Food!  food is essential for you, If you are feeding baby, but you need to feed you too! It’s great if you have a support crew or family that you can beg to make you meals that’s what I did and putting a whole bunch of freezer meals away was a game-changer whether it’s you know shepherd’s pie or pasta sauces or anything like that any soups just whatever you can think of and put away. I’m telling you it’s gonna make your life a whole lot easier, also for me I was starving after I delivered Julia I don’t know what it was maybe the fact that she was just sitting over all of my internal organs and I just wasn’t hungry with her but like as soon as I delivered I just wanted to eat everything so having easy to prep snack foods bagels crackers and cheese fruit vegetables muffins things like that on hand is essential because you’re gonna want to make things easy for yourself and do things that are really grab-and-go. Also speaking of muffins I highly recommend making like a huge batch of muffins and sticking them in the freezer you’ll thank me later because the best thing I’ve ever done for myself for breastfeeding at night 2 a.m. chocolate chip muffins I’m a kid and you wouldn’t be bad at 2 a.m. chocolate chip muffins.

#5 -Next utilize a breastfeeding class if they have ones offered at your hospital before you go home with a baby our hospital almost mandated them basically before we left so they were like okay you’re gonna stay overnight in the morning you’re gonna do a 10:00 a.m. class -like what!  But it was really really helpful so having someone there to kind of watch what you’re doing and making sure you’re doing it properly in babies latching properly so if that’s something you’re interested in doing I highly recommend it. I love it I love nursing both my babies but it’s nice having someone that’s there to help guide you when you don’t know what you’re doing and honestly, with Julia, I struggled trying to get her to latch properly and not be painful so I contacted a couple of different experts because I really want to make sure that I was doing it right and there was a ton of help in the community so definitely do your research and find out who those people are that can really help you to make sure that you are really comfortable and baby’s comfortable too

#6– You will not realize how desperately you want a shower until you’ve given birth, take one after you’ve delivered the baby we’ll be sleeping a lot while you’re trying to recover from the whole process so get as many showers as you possibly can and lastly get a couple of stacks of those really cheap washcloths from Walmart or Amazon or something like that and keep little packs of them around the house, so I have them beside the bed or at my nursing station or downstairs and just in case baby spits up or you drop things because maybe you’re like me I’m super clumsy just nice to have a whole bunch of them on hand and wet them and wipe down whatever surfaces are dirty and then just stick them in the wash and go and that’s everything.

Good luck with the whole delivery process and let me know how everything’s going in the comment section below I’d love to hear from you guys and I will see you guys on my next guide- love you, girls!