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Safety 1st Onside Air Convertible Car Seat, Happenstance Review

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Safety 1st Onside Air Convertible Car Seat, Happenstance Review


Comes with a Side-Impact Protection for a low price, Compact, and Lightweight, The Rear-facing is up to 40 Pounds, Forward Facing is limited to 40 Pounds, The Fabric is Comfortable, Has a Good Price.


Performance and Use

The Seat comes with a Manual that can be easily read, making sure you install the Seat comfortably, However, some of the wordings can be misinterpreted, look out for those. With a low price, this Seat has a Side Impact Protection System which is pretty great for the price you are going to pay, the seat has this Side Impact Protection. This is a good thing in this car seat. The Fabric used in the seat is pretty comfortable, your child won’t have any problem. As said, It comes with a pretty affordable price making sure it doesn’t have a heavy effect on your wallet.


  • It has an Affordable Price. Makes this Car Seat an economical one.
  • It has a Side Impact Protection. For the price it has, this a great feature.
  • The Fabric of the Seat is comfortable.


This Car seat has one of the best and affordable prices in the Market as of today. With that price, This seat comes with the Side Impact Protection which too is a great feature as this feature can be found in other high-end car seats. The Fabric is pretty comfortable as well. 
It’s a good price for the kind of features it has. If you are tight financially, this might not be a bad idea to have it on your list.