The Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat Review

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The Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, Everett Review



Exceptionally safe, Durable, Impressive Adjustable Straps, Machine Washable Padding.


Performance and Use

The Evenflo Triumph is something that represents safety and comfort when It comes to keeping your child safe and keeping your child comfortable for all the journey he has to endeavor. One of the benefits it has is that, It uses Lightweight foam which itself has several benefits such the Lightweight foam is comfortable, It gives security and safety to the child as it absorbs the impact if God forbid you are involved in an accident, making your child completely safe and because of it being Lightweight, moving the seat from one car to another won’t be a problem at all.



  • When it comes to washing the seats, as we all know, they need to be washed, this seat doesn’t give you any issue regarding it. It has Machine Washable Padding that comes off pretty easily and can be thrown into washer. As for the straps, they don’t come out easily though, so the straps and some other parts need to be washed through hands.
  • It has drink holders which too is a great benefit.
  • Amazingly safe! This car seat provides the kind of security and safety that you wouldn’t have imagined about. According to Evenflo, It has been engineered and manufactured in such a way that this car seat is able to withstand or neutralise an impact up to 50%.
  • The Latch system of this Car seat is pretty easy which gives you no hurdle in installation of the Seat.



We all know every Parent’s first priority is to keep their children safe, especially when you are on the road travelling somewhere, in this case, the Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, provides you or gives you one of the best security and safety of your child among other Car seats in the Market. 
With the kind of lightweight foam used in the seat, It makes this seat to be extremely comfortable that makes sure that your child doesn’t get irritated while on a journey and the best benefit about the light weight is that it adds added security which can absorb about 50% of the impact force as said above. 
Keeping in view with all the responses the customers had, this for sure is one of the best car seats available in the Market.