Who Are We

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Hello and welcome to MommysPicks.com !

Enjoy your visit and look around at the many reviews we have. From baby cribs to strollers, car seats and just about everything in between. If it has anything to do with baby’s you should sure bet you will find it here. If not, then let us know and we will glady do a review for you!

Why Trust Us?

That is a great question! We are a team of moms who like you wanted the best things for our baby’s. We searched the internet and found out that most of the reviews sites were fake! I know right, we were so sad about this. We did our research and found that there are actually compainies out there that pay for reviews that aren’t even real! Yikes…

So us moms got together at the Tim Hortons by our homes and discussed our baby things we had. For intance, I would ask Linda what she liked and disliked about her stroller and so on. As time went on we started to grow. We then took to the internet and asked people questions about there baby products and it just snowballed from there. And here we are today, some 25 years later. Yep , we actually started doing this since 1993 and never stopped. We had granddaughters and great grandsons and we felt the need to keep helping moms and dads out there find the perfect baby product for your little ones.

We make no money from companies doing this. We do though get a very small commission if you end of getting something from Amazon and we thank you for that. It pays for our website and hosting which unfortunally is getting more expensive every year. It also helps us pay for our travel to the many stores we visit to see the newest products on the market and we actually test them in the store …shhh don’t tell on us. *L*

So thank you once again to all the mommy’s and daddy’s out there and enjoy our reviews!